No Cromarty Splash & Dash in 2017

We are sorry to inform you that Cromarty’s popular Splash & Dash event will NOT be taking place on the 1st January 2017.

Having taken a well-deserved year off in 2016, it had been intended for the event to return - refreshed and restructured - in 2017.  However, due to personal circumstances, the organisers regret that they are no longer in a position to proceed as planned.

We apologise for any inconvenience this decision may have caused and hope that this successful community event will return in the future. 

Splash & Dash fans! We still have some souvenir thermal mugs - perfect to keep your brew warm in the winter months and only £5 each!

If you would like to buy either of these items, please email georgia@macleod9.plus.com.

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2015 videos on YouTube - see what it's all about by watching these great videos of the event on 1st January 2015!

There are lots of other great videos from the past six years on YouTube, just search for Cromarty Splash & Dash, sit back and enjoy! 


FEEDBACK - we're always interested to hear your views on the event.  Please use the Feedback Form on this site to let us know of your experiences - whether good or bad - and ideas for improvements/additions, etc.